Cohen was responsible for synthesizing key quotes, providing feedback on edits/cuts, and the writing social copy for In It Together campaign.


Cohen spearheaded the overall creative strategy, content marketing strategy (channels), and copywriting for the Career Pivot campaign.

Commencement Speech

Cohen was selected as the University of Miami undergraduate commencement speaker and honoree for the class of 2018.


Cohen wrote and produced radio spots for several brands in Spring 2018 for her Advanced Copywriting course.


Cohen rebranded and wrote content for Hunt's Manwich in an advertising campaign for her Advanced Copywriting course in Spring 2018.

GREATS Premium Sneaker Campaign

Cohen crafted the content and design for a GREATS Premium Sneakers advertising campaign in the Fall of 2017.

Frito-Lay Campaign

Cohen worked on an advertising campaign for Frito-Lay in the Fall of 2017 in her Copywriting and Content course.

Lionsgate Internship

Cohen created and presented a marketing deck and digital campaign to Lionsgate executives in 2017 during her Digital Marketing Internship.

Study Abroad Blog

Firenze By Me is a blog written and managed by Liat Cohen that documents her study abroad journey during Fall 2016

Variety Internship

During her Event Marketing Internship at Variety, Cohen developed the idea, marketing plan, and signage for a new event: Power of Music

Social Media for Delta Phi Epsilon

As Social Media Coordinator for Delta Phi Epsilon, Cohen accomplished several projects using her understanding in design, html, css, and marketing.


Using HTML and CSS, Cohen coded and designed her own portfolio website in 2016.

WAVE Magazine Project

WAVE is a magazine designed by Liat Cohen in 2016 for her graphic design class.

Personal Branding

Cohen designed a personal brand for herself using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Graphic Design Projects

Cohen created several projects during her Graphic Design courses at the University of Miami.

Travel Campaign

Cohen designed a Travel Campaign for Canon cameras in her Graphic Design course.

Video Production

Cohen won First Prize in the 2014 Marin Teen Now Video Contest for her film: High School. Unlabeled.